A better Me

A better Me

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friendly game with Taiwan Team

A month ago, my friend asked me do i interested to go back Kuantan to have friendly game with Taiwan, I was curious why it held on Tuesday because is a working day. Fortunately, my contract with  Zalora ended on Monday, so i decided to back to Kuantan for the games.

Is a quite a formal welcome the Taiwanese player~

Then rush back to KL after the games.

Monday, August 8, 2016

How i Spend my Raya 2016

Oh well... Since Raya was during Wednesday and Thursday, which means I cant back to Hometown because Friday was working day. SO... decided to join friend day trip activity to Fraser Hill which N years din went there since I was a kid.
Then headed up to Genting for the cool weather, by cable car but it was super crowded! Damn. Throwback few year a go during school trip with all my girls go up by cable car.

The next day went to Teluk Intan, Sekinchan hunting foods and attractions

Once again not much faith with the paddy field =.=

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy Marriage

Been invited to few wedding dinner~ So,Happy Marriage to all the new husband and wife~

My Zalora colleague Yuki~
My cousin sis~ Elynn~
Unimas badminton partner~ Cai Cuen


Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 2016

New place new environment. Ain't bad also. Work as assistant photographer not just snapping photos clicking computer. It's about the right photo to choose, the right pose the right face expression, the right products on models. Checking on every single things is correct.

Then i get a chance to snap the catalog photos, for the first time. Ain't good yet in telling to models how to pose, cuz i myself are quite shy to speak out. :X So, model have to be good at posing. And learned a photo have to focus on face so that every single pixel in photos are detailed and ain't soft.

Well, everything was about learning~ and gain~ so hopefully im ok with that~

Snapping photo for instagram although the lighting part i hv no idea how, but thanks to the pro helping me to set up~ I just snap what i want~ haha....Anyway photo i snap was on both zalorastudio instagram and zaloramy instagram XD that a good news for me~

Joined a badminton team tournament called VKA and we got the 4th place~ Was a great opportunity gaining experience in tournament~
my funny happy teammate~ 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Short Escape to Singapore

We planned this Singapore trip about 2 months ago. It is so spontaneously, when Meng Wee asked me do I wan to go to Singapore, never give a second though I agree to go there.So, 3 of us~ begin with our journey~ to Singapore

Well, I felt so sorry to them as i promise them to stay one night with me, unfortunately, there's some miscommunication between my family and I. So, they have to stay other place for one night.

We took early bus like 7am to Singapore, the 5 star kind of services, so GOOD!!!! Movies, foods and drinks. Better than flight service~
When we arrive our homestay, funny thing is, the door access needed password but we dont know it! lol...But lastly we also get into the room~
then we took bus to orchard road for shopping~
Night time went to Clark Quay for dinner and walk around~
As our main purpose is to go to Universal Studio Singapore!!
Photo snap before leaving
There's lot of tourist there! as it is a public holiday~ OMG crowded eh~
Minion Mart ...just so cute!!!!
We manage to went on some fun rides like transformer, mummy, Jurassic park, shrek, madagascar~and we manage to see the fireworks which really awesome during night time~
After that, we went to Marina Bay sand and gardens by the bay, unfortunately is we are late we cant see the beautiful light of garden by the bay. AND it start to rain too...>.<

Heading back to our home stay, we missed one stop so we stopped at the next bus stopped as the rain getting bigger we decided to run back. My friend Pei Xin~ who usually walk slower than me she can ran faster than me...LOL~ is  funny scenario as i was laughing and looked at her running faster than me~

Then we back to M'sia by plane~

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How my early May goes on...

Well...I quite my previous job. As in i though that Im not suitable for it. But luckily, i found another new job, which work as Assistant Photographer at Zalora. So, I'm still figuring out whether is this my kind of job. Cause as it is really went far away from what I learnt. As a designer or animator.

Okay. Before I started my new job, joined a friendly game and this game gather 3 Kuantan girls who played and learned badminton at the same plce~

 After that, I went back to Kuantan to feel the sweetness of staying at home~Well, no need to wash clothes, no works, nothing to do., only sleep, eat and play~ hahaha
No worries, I wont get fat as I eat less and go out for exercise...

Then I went back to KL 4 days before work start, to prepare my mood for new job. Well, actually Im still enjoying the jobless moment...lol...

What i did at this 4 days was watching movie, and badminton, then be supporter for 100plus competition. >.< Sadly that i been told that i cant play this...OMG...

So, my first week first day to work. my manager aint  there...lol! So I just sit and watch and learnt only. Well for the second day, still watched and learned. Cause everything go in fast pace, and have to catch up the speed.

Well, on the third day, which is today, reached the work place was told that i need to OT.
Lucky me....lol....And yea, today is the day i start to do hands on job. Well, perfectly fit but not fit in. Still got lot's to learn and remember.

Well~ good luck to me than~

Saturday, May 14, 2016


说说一段爱情故事,原以为不会有适合的爱情再度降临。也许是投契也许是互相吸引。两个完全没有交接的,在大学里活动里相遇,在私下的聊天混熟。然后偶尔一起出去看看电影喝茶吃晚餐。还记得有一次有一次疯狂的看了3部电影直到深夜,看到商店打烊,就到24小时店买水再继续聊个天南地北的等待下一步戏。 就这样半年时间的相处,大家就混得很熟,而他也开始向她告白,让她即刻拒绝,因为她觉得没有安全感。可是,经过考虑她还是得勇敢点踏出去试试看, 谁知道以后会怎样,也许就该珍惜拥在一起的时光。因为她的犹豫不决,他画了一个男孩和一个女孩要她当他女朋友,而最后她也就答应了。彼此第一张合照他笑得多么的腼腆,牵着她的手。他还说是他最开心的一张,因为她笑得很灿烂。接着是接近圣诞节,她和家人去了越南旅行没能和他一起度过,她还傻呼呼的告诉家人她恋爱了,因为她觉得他是对的那个。而她的第一个圣诞节礼物是他送Starbucks tumbler因为他知道她有喝咖啡的习惯。
再次见面,是和庆祝她第二次的生日。他送了她一只小白羊及亲手烤饼干给她。然后3天的时间,像个陪坐小姐般到处陪她庆祝生日。再次回到大学,是她最后一年的大学生活,繁忙而充实。这也是她和他庆祝生日的第二次,这次她决定要搞好它,不要像之前那样让他伤心。她安排了一起参加5公里的fun run 。即便他脚疼,他还是跑完了5公里。他说想把头发给剃了,她就给他操刀真的理光去了。她看着他用恐惧般的眼神及不信任她的手法真是让人觉得…….可恶啊。还安排了两人去了Borneo Highland 度假休息,在那里过着另一种二人世界的生活。没有电视机没有娱乐活动,除了到外面走走就是在房间看戏睡觉。她送了他一只她找了很久且很好抱的猴子。她带他到一个古色古香的老街吃晚餐。就这样,他一个星期的假期就结束了。
直到两人再度见面便是她到了他的城市当实习生,她很期待着周末两人偶尔都能见上一面,可是他却忙到象头牛一样。没有时间。可能是她不知足,偶尔她埋怨到他很不开心。可是每每一见面,她的心情就是很开心。之前的抱怨就像是没发生过。每次的见面很高兴每次的离别很忧伤。她拉着他和她去爬山,看着他累累的又觉得她真不该约他去爬山。12个星期在他的城市,不长,可是比起不能时常见面她学会知足。毕竟,两人还是尽可能的见面。她第一坐他上他架的摩托车,想象戏里的主角抱着司机的腰什么的。而她却嫌弃她会害他平衡不了,让她瞬间感到被刺了一下。那次是她第一次和他去Bonodori, 他说她给脸色看,可是她只是没有表情而已,害她一段时间是在伤心。并且,还不相信她知道摩托车停的地方,真的很伤她的心。也许,他对她的的信任度在这事上真的开始下降。记得某个星期一,他告诉她能一起吃晚餐,她是开心到心花怒放,和他去吃晚餐。她不再埋怨因为她知道他忙。而他带着她路过他的公司外告诉她他评审在哪里吃午餐,不然就是同事是打包在公司边吃边忙,薪水出了就到附近吃好料。是,她听到有点失望可是想想,大家都有自己的生活不该总是一起吧。渐渐发现,两人的的交界线越来越少。记得,公司朋友为她办的欢送会,去唱K,我点了一首大概只有她懂的歌,才发现,他也会唱。没错她有莫名的知足和开心及感动,现在回头想想毕竟那首歌是因为是她介绍过给他的啊。